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Sample Building Rental Agreement

Updated 4/12/11

This is NOT the most recent version of the rental agreement. We will be posting the updated agreement shortly.

Requested date of use: Hours:

This agreement is made between the Dutch Flat Community Center (the Center, a private non-profit organization, and for use of the Center building for the purpose of holding a ___________________________ (name of function or event, e.g. wedding) on the above requested date and time.

The undersigned user has read the attached rules and regulations concerning use of the building, and agrees to hold harmless and make secure against loss, damage or penalty the Center, caused by any act, neglect, default or omission on the part of the user or by any person during the time the the Center building, appurtenances or premises are under control of the user, and has supplied proof of liability insurance. The user has provided the Center with proof of insurance, and understands that the following fees must be deposited at the time of signing this agreement.

Building use fee schedule, as per current rate schedule:

Building use fee - non-refundable (check one): Member $75
 Non-member, community resident 125
 Non-member, community non-resident 200
Hourly use total cost (see rate schedule):
(number of hours) Hours at rate of $20 per hour:
Cleaning Deposit - refundable as per attached material 120
Security Deposit, if required, refundable as per attached information 100
Total fees and deposits      $        

I have read and understand and agree to the above conditions and the attached rules and regulations. I assume all responsibility for the use of the Dutch Flat Community Center building on the date and time of use, as stated above.

Print name: Signature
Address Phone


Approved - DFCC Board Date:
Signed: Title:

Mail this agreement to:

Dutch Flat Community Center
P.O. Box 14
Dutch Flat, CA 95714

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